MiData Energy Schema

November 14, 2018

This schema is derived from the UK Government MiData project phase 1,
and is deployed in the UK Home Energy Market to enable households to gather
data on their energy use in a common format in order to get a quotation
based on actual, accurate energy use.

Property Expected Type Description Example
customerReferenceNumber Integer A number identifying the customer account. 012345678
date Integer The date of the report as yyyymmdd. 20180921
fuel String The type of fuel in question, for example "Electricity". Electricity
validAtDate Integer The date the information is valid for as yyyymmdd. 20180829
meterPointAdministrationNumber Integer A number identifying the meter point. 180001234567
energyProvider String The name of the energy provider. E.ON
productName String The name of the product. E.ON Go Online 1 Year v2
cancellationFeeIndicator Boolean Whether there is a cancellation fee. true
contractStartDate Integer The date the contract started as yyyymmdd. 20171024
postCode String The service location postal code. FK5 4FH
contractEndDate Integer The date the contract will end as yyyymmdd. 20181023
forecastedEnergyUsage Integer The forecasted energy usage in kWh. 5681
energyUsage Integer The actual energy usage in kWh. 5699
forecastedCost Float The forecasted cost in Pounds. 818.68
paymentMethod String The payment method. DD